5 Natural Testosterone Boosting Foods Men Should Eat

5 Testosterone Boosting Foods You Don't Know About

Depositphotos_106707200_m-2015a-minaTestosterone is usually used to describe how masculine a male is, but it also is used to explain behavior and characteristics as well. If you’re looking to boost your testosterone levels, here are 5 nutritious foods that you probably didn’t know about.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a sex hormone in the body that is a key chemical that is responsible for male sex characteristics. Both women and men produce testosterone, but males usually produce a huge amount compared to females, thus leading to increased masculine behavior and physical characteristics.

Testosterone is a type of androgen that is produced primarily within the testicles. It’s the most potent androgen within the male anatomy which can help the development of male sex characteristics. For example, some of these characteristics will be a deep voice, facial hair, and specific muscle and bone mass.

Testosterone Benefits: Why Testosterone is Important

Testosterone BenefitsAdequate production of testosterone is not only important for men but for women too. Women benefit from testosterone in maintaining their sex-drive and sexual pleasure, as well as lean muscle mass and general well-being. Also, the symptoms that occur in males due to low levels of testosterone are often similar to females too. Low testosterone can lead to lack of sexual responsiveness and weaker orgasms among both men and women, and a decreased strength and work capacity of muscles are also present within both genders.

One of the most serious consequences of low testosterone level is a greater risk of a cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. Individuals facing low testosterone levels are more prone to feel fatigue and lack of energy, therefore they get tired more easily.

Testosterone is important in males because it helps regulate a number of their bodily functions. However, testosterone is known to start declining at the early age of 30, thus leading to future problems down the road.

At the age of 40, the concentration of testosterone in the body is decreasing by 1.6% every year, but testosterone decline varies from one individual to another.  Some of the regulated body functions include: Sex Drive, Bone Mass, Fat Distribution, Muscle Size and Strength and Red Blood Cell Production.

Testosterone Levels by Age

Testosterone-Replacement-Therapy-If you find yourself lacking testosterone, you may want to seek professional guidance or help from a physician. It can lead to a number of problems in the body:

  • Decreased Libido
  • Changes in Mood
  • Reduced Cognitive Abilities
  • Fatigue, Depression, and Anger
  • Skin Alterations
  • Decreased Bone Mass
  • Increase Fat Mass

Low testosterone level leads to a diagnosis of hypogonadism, which can be treated with testosterone hormone replacements such as pills, injections, and gel. However, many or all of these medications carry a certain risk as they are known to cause numerous side-effects.

How to Naturally Boost Your Testosterone

testosterone-tabletThe percentage of testosterone prescribed to older men has significantly increased lately as more and more males decide for medications in their combat with testosterone decline. However, it is still not absolutely certain that prescribed testosterone can actually help you as there is limited evidence that can support its health benefits.

Instead of taking chemicals or other pills that claim they boost testosterone, you can instead take a testosterone supplement. Just make sure that there isn’t any other added chemicals or hormones. People have claimed that taking up to 80 mg of testosterone a day can help combat many of the negative symptoms they have been feeling from low testosterone levels.

But not everyone is interested in popping a pill every day. If you’re one of those people then keep reading, because you can naturally change your diet to help fight your low testosterone levels. Your diet is a crucial factor when it comes to testosterone issues, as it can greatly benefit you in preventing problems caused by low testosterone. There is a number of foods which can help you increase the level of testosterone.

The 5 Best Testosterone-Boosting Foods!

5 Testosterone-Boosting Foods
If you want to go fully natural, then you can eat certain foods that can help increase your testosterone production. This is an excellent alternative to pharmaceutical products as it can improve your overall health. The great benefit of this is that it is 100% natural which can lead to benefits with not only your testosterone but also lead to a more well rounded diet.

If you are struggling with low testosterone level, you have probably heard by now that consuming eggs can help in this combat. One egg per day can help increase testosterone level and so can cereals if consumed each morning. Apart from these well-known foods that benefit when trying to increase low testosterone level, there is a number of foods which are not mentioned so often in articles related to naturally boosting testosterone level. Listed below are the top 5 testosterone boosting foods you may not have known about.

  • Tuna: This is a nutrient rich food that includes high levels of Vitamin D which can be linked to having a longer life and help boost testosterone production. It’s a heart-healthy food that is also very high in protein and low in fat, making it a perfect addition to any diet. When buying your tuna you may want to avoid canned tuna and opt-in for frozen or fresh tuna steaks.
  • Garlic: Adding fresh garlic to your foods can benefit you in multiple ways. This herb contains a chemical called an allicin. When this compound is digested it lowers cortisol and leads to more effective testosterone production.
  • Milk: Milk is a common household item that you may already be consuming regularly. Milk can be a great source for protein and calcium and you can purchase varieties that include Vitamin D. When consuming milk make sure you’re buying low fat versions as full fat milk can cause weight gain.
  • Oysters: You may have heard about the secret benefits oysters have. Oysters are high in Zinc which is an essential nutrient to help keep male hormones in check throughout their adulthood. Many people already do not consume enough Zinc in general, so it’s always a great addition to a weekly regimen.
  • Pomegranate: Pomegranate may be a surprising food to hear about when it comes to boosting your testosterone levels. It has high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and iron. It has been found that when people consume at least a pomegranate a day (through supplements, juice, or fruit), it can help increase testosterone levels between 16-30%.
 Common Side Effects of Low Testosterone in Men

Low testosterone levels may be hard to deal with, however, if you take the time to research how to keep your levels increased there will be no need to worry. Remember that as you age naturally you’re going to find yourself needing to consume foods richer in nutrients and vitamins. It’s always beneficial to include foods in your diet that can help boost and maintain your hormone levels.

The list of testosterone boosting foods we provided is just a fraction of the total number. Apart from the food mentioned above, you can also benefit from consuming beef, olive oil, and beans. Not only are these foods healthy and should be part of your diet even though you have no testosterone issues, they can also help you increase the testosterone level in your body.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

There are other ways to naturally boost your testosterone level although nutrition is the primary way. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help elevate testosterone level. According to the study, your testosterone level increases for up to one hours after exercise.

Apart from exercise, your level of stress can greatly influence your testosterone level, as cortisol which is produced when we are under stress reduces its effectiveness. It is recommended that you apply certain relaxation techniques to help reduce stress. For naturally boosting your testosterone level, you must increase your vitamin D and Zinc intake while reducing sugar intake at the same time.